career Catalyst coaching program


The corporate world is riddled with frustration, stress, and overwhelm. This program is the catalyst you need to add drive and joy back to your career so you can achieve success that actually feels good.


The Career Catalyst is designed for mid-to-junior level corporate professionals and will help you step up to your next level of success with total clarity, confidence, and control. When you combine my highest level of service and support with your highest level of commitment and action, we create a catalyst for unprecedented breakthroughs in your career.


The Career Catalyst  is for you if:

  • You want to create a powerful work-life balance and break free of limiting beliefs so you can finally achieve the kind of success that actually feels good
  • You want to have more of an impact in the world and to fully utilize your gifts and talents to help people
  • You are ready to turn your potential into reality and play full out
  • You know it’s time to stop the struggle of doing it all on your own!

And if you are at one of these stages in your career:

  •  You’re just starting out and want to get on the fast track to a successful career
  •  You’ve been working for a while, and you’re ready to take your performance and your income to a much higher level than ever before
  •  You’ve been very successful in your current role or company, but you feel stuck and unable to make the changes you desire—and you want a more fulfilling role that also allows time for other important things in life

I encourage you to click below for a closer look at the program and to hear success stories from a few of our clients.