career coaching

The corporate world is riddled with frustration, stress, and overwhelm. Our “soul” purpose is to help you add drive and joy back to your career so you can achieve success that actually feels good. For this to happen, you must SLOW DOWN. Take the time to learn who you truly are and what you really want... using our flagship program as the catalyst.

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Fall in love with the process…

We will walk hand in hand toward real clarity, confidence, and purpose in your career. I will literally guide you step-by-step in applying powerful career-building strategies. Here are some highlights of the curriculum:

  • maximize your natural gifts at work

  • proven time management strategies

  • Learn to use your emotions

  • Eliminate negative self-talk

  • learn to connect and build rapport with anyone

  • make decisions that are right for you

  • Dream Big and create a plan your vision

  • Define a strong career purpose

  • add heart and passion to your role

  • create balance and fulfillment


…and the results will come!


My dream client.

Part of what makes this program so effective is the relationship we form... I've worked with enough people to know that my coaching style doesn't work for everyone. My ideal client has experienced frustration... turmoil... intense periods of stress in their career. I'm looking for people who have been successful, but somehow lost the passion and energy for their work... people who want to (re)discover their purpose and add new meaning and direction to their career.

Here are 14 things I'd say about my dream client:

9. Doesn’t always ask for help… very hard on themselves

10. Appreciates structure/process/strategy

11. Honest, Creative, Funny, Kind, Loving

12. Self-doubt holding them back

13. Enjoys a good convo about hopes, dreams, and goals

14. Ready for change!

1. successful corporate America career

2. Likes meaningful work and helping others

3. Unsure about professional future

4. Not afraid of a challenge or leaving comfort zone

5. Hates being micromanaged

6. Believes happiness is a choice

7. Values progress over perfection

8. Hasn’t reached full potential at work

If this sounds like you, then I know we'll be great for each other!


My biggest takeaway is knowing I am great, I am ready, and that I am uniquely poised to do all the things I want to do. I just have to leap. FYI - Only call him if you’re ready to change your life, not a moment before.

Travonnie / Lawrenceville, GA / Entrepreneur