My workshops serve as opportunities to enthusiastically and practically share the principles of success across many facets of a career. They also provide a safe space to connect with colleagues in ways that are meaningful and motivating,
leveraging the energy of the group to "provoke" action. 


Here are some of the more popular workshops along with the benefits they offer. Following the descriptions,
you will find testimonials, videos, and details for contacting me. I look forward to partnering with you.

winning with emotional intelligence

Our careers are defined by our emotions. Everything we do, everything we experience, it’s all driven by how we feel. In fact, raw emotion is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, and learning to master your emotions allows you to direct that power as needed leaving you free and unchained. In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why negative emotions are hurting you and your career
  • How to stop wrestling with the same feelings every day
  • The language of emotions and what they are really telling you
  • How to USE emotions instead of being used by them
  • One simple technique to cultivate feelings of power every single day


True success in your career ultimately comes from having a sense of fulfillment. You can only be fulfilled when you have the confidence to be yourself and do the things that matter to you in ways that make sense for you. That level of confidence must be predicated on clarity. In other words, knowing yourself is the cornerstone to your success. Here's what's covered in this workshop:

  • How to be authentic and why this is so important
  • How to make the game winnable for yourself
  • Your rules for measuring success and failure
  • One simple technique for making every day a great day
  • How to expand the breadth and depth of your leadership


Did you know that over 90% of the people who set New Year’s resolutions never follow through? We actually expect to fail—so much so that half the country doesn’t even bother setting goals. The reason is that most people don’t understand how to create lasting results. We’ll show you how to create momentum that will drive you to follow through by enabling you to:

  • Define priorities and dreams that will give you a sense of fulfillment 
  • Infuse passion into goals you'll be powerfully motivated to achieve
  • Transform any confusion and overwhelm into clarity and action
  • Live and work “on purpose”

Communicating With Impact

The level of success you experience, both internally and externally, is the direct result of how you communicate. Many have even said the quality of your life is the quality of your communication. So in a professional world governed by the perception others have of you, how do you rise above the fear of that perception and communicate in ways that are authentic for you? In this non-traditional and belief-challenging session, you will learn:

  • How to eliminate phantom communication so you can be fully heard without fear
  • The keys to controlling your internal dialogue so you can be clear and confident in your outcome
  • Simple tools for connecting and aligning with others’ thoughts instead of forcing change

Building Team Culture

Culture doesn't happen by accident. Every team, every division, and every firm claims to have one... and you'll likely find a nice description of it on the company's website. The real question is, what does it look like when you’re up close and personal? Ideals like "excellence above everything," and "a company-wide commitment to diversity & inclusion," may not trickle down to the people who operate within that culture. This workshop serves to strengthen team culture by:

  • Reflecting on the values and visions of the team members
  • Clarifying the current traditions and practices, and the actual culture they create
  • Building a bridge to connect the current environment to the goals of the team, and ultimately the firm


If these workshops piqued your interest, or if you'd like to co-create something new, I'd love to connect and discuss your group's needs. Please choose a time for us to brainstorm together.

Your workshop leader

Like you, lifelong learner and eternal optimist Derrick Bass Jr. has seen the word success defined numerous ways over the years: making lots of money, attaining a certain title and status, even living a certain lifestyle. How do you define it? 

Derrick’s view is radically different. He believes success is about maximizing your unique potential in fulfilling ways that serve a greater good. From pencils to people, he feels everything and everyone has a purpose. This belief served as the impetus for launching his coaching business, Clarity Provoked, where he works with professionals struggling to reach their full potential at work. Derrick helps them create purpose-driven careers where they... read full bio here.

Thoughts from our partners

Derrick’s ability to pull from his experience in the workplace, coupled with his gift to connect with a broad spectrum of individuals in a short period of time, really set the stage for something magical. I fully believe that his honesty, vulnerability and commitment to listening and understanding participants allows him to move people from thinking to actually doing and becoming the leaders they want to be.
— Chimere | Manager, NYC DOE Diversity Recruitment
I’m happy to say that your approach of starting with a bit of self-reflection went over wonderfully. It will now provide a foundation upon which we can continue to build. My favorite part of the workshop was taking time to reflect on what made me happy, proud and satisfied. It makes you want figure out how to get back to those moments personally and professionally. In order to get the most out of the workshop, you have to be totally honest with yourself and forth-coming. It’s tough sometimes to get to the root of your issues, but it is necessary in order to grow.
— Marcus | Lead, Bloomberg Black Professional Community
When organizing events for the members it is always my concern that they walk away with something, either hints of a new skill they need to develop, a new connection on their network or additional insight about our organization. I’m happy to say that all of our members that participated in the event walked away with one goal to accomplish.
— Paola | Co-Lead, Bloomberg Latino Professional Community
Derrick did an excellent job laying the foundation of emotions and guiding listeners to the new possibilities in how to deal with them. Participants were left with a blueprint on using their emotions more effectively.
— Jackie | Regional Operations Director, AT&T
100% would recommend this workshop to any company. The message, exercises, and discussion are engaging and more importantly, leave the participant with action items. It was a success not only because of the content, but because of Derrick’s authenticity. Opening up, sharing emotions and thoughts, especially at work, is not an easy feat. However, Derrick created a comfortable atmosphere, genuinely cared about the circumstances surrounding the topic at hand, which ultimately restored confidence to anyone who participated.
— Krystle | AVP, Citi Shared Services
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and appreciated the fact that you did not ask the typical questions but questions that really required the participants to delve deep and think. I also liked the fact that it was interactive. You engaged the participants and made it personal. Great job!
— Cynthia | Professional Development Chair, NABA NNJ
The workshop went well and it sparked that little person inside of me to push a little harder.
— Rob | President, NABA NJ
Derrick’s energetic approach to moderating the panel kept the audience engaged and the panelists eager to respond!
— Kim | President, NABA NY

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