Like you, lifelong learner and eternal optimist Derrick Bass Jr. has seen the word success defined numerous ways over the years: making lots of money, attaining a certain title and status, even living a certain lifestyle. How do you define it?

Derrick’s view is radically different. He believes success is about maximizing your unique potential in fulfilling ways that serve a greater good. From pencils to people, he feels everything and everyone has a purpose. This belief served as the impetus for launching his coaching business, Clarity Provoked, where he works with people struggling to reach their full professional potential. Derrick helps them gain the clarity and confidence needed to create purpose-driven careers. His fusion of honesty, humor, and creativity fosters an intimate and strong, yet malleable connection with his audience.

For the past decade, Derrick had a very rewarding career at Goldman Sachs—one of the top financial institutions in the world. Utilizing his engineering degree from Cornell University, he began his career first managing and helping to improve processes, before having the opportunity to do the same with people. During his tenure he also served as a project manager, leading and collaborating with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry. For balance, Derrick held leadership positions in several affinity groups and recruiting teams. He remains a staunch advocate for diversity.  

Derrick lives inspired. He considers the marriage to the love of his life and college sweetheart and being a father to his three children as his greatest successes. He encourages you to live fulfilled and to approach every moment intentionally.