“Before working with Derrick, I was frustrated in my career and unable to find my voice and actually use it. I was unsure if I was on the right path. I felt Derrick would understand the intricacies of the organization I’m a part of so I wouldn’t have to explain the normal “rules of the road.” He’s also very thoughtful and can be provocative (not afraid to call you out on behavior that is your normal coping mechanism). With his help, I found the ability to be unapologetically bold. This helped me force conversations with my manager that were enlightening and helped stave off a lot of anxiety and frustration I had been holding onto. It was great having someone believe in you when going through a major change in responsibilities. Derrick served as a constant reminder of all that I can do versus listening to the nagging voice in my head which tells me all the reasons I can’t do something. It helped to say “yes” to work/assignments in the moment and then have Derrick help me from running out the door when I really had to perform. The best thing is knowing that my accomplishments to date have not been by accident and that my future potential is unlimited. If you need to start giving yourself some of what you give to others/the world around you, you have found the ultimate advocate, mentor and coach to do it with.”

— Anna | Jersey City, NJ | HR - Talent Management

Derrick Bass