I am a Dean at an elementary school, helping to develop social and academic skills in our youngest scholars from ages 3 to 10. Before my work with Derrick, I was unsure if my future goals were aligned to my strengths and unsure of how to take the steps necessary to reach those goals. I was inundated with ideas but lacked focus and logistical steps to make it happen. I know Derrick personally and his passion for his work is incredibly evident. He values each interaction and takes a lot of pride in his coaching. Our first Discovery call was a conversation that I will never forget- as it pushed me to think greater and pushed further than I had before. Some of my biggest breakthroughs include a much clearer, more defined purpose for my life and career, which are intertwined. I was able to take on a new opportunity that will assist a future career transition/new business development. I developed goals that have positively impacted my personal and work relationships. Our VIP day was unbelievable from start to finish. I honestly did not want to stop working after seven hours of being in the zone. It changed me in ways that I cannot put into words. If you are ready to put in the work, you will certainly see the fruits of your commitment to yourself and your growth.

— Marielys | Washington, DC | Academic Development

Derrick Bass