“At work I focus on building and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. And although I was proud of my accomplishments, I felt like I was going through the motions in my career; just checking the boxes. I knew I wasn’t going after certain opportunities because of fear and doubts about whether I could do well outside of what I already knew. Derrick and I had really good chemistry and I found his energy and enthusiasm to be particularly motivating. He helped me be intentional about how I wanted to drive my career. I had candid conversations with my managers, began raising my hand more, went on interviews, had salary discussions, improved my resume… I even got a job in Asia and I’m continuing to live my best life! I put in the work for those things, but none of this would have manifested in this way had I not started my journey with Derrick. If you’re ready to commit to doing the work, then he’s all him!”

— Sharon | Jersey City, NJ | HR - Diversity & Inclusion

Derrick Bass