Happy Then Confident?

Happy Then Confident?

 “Could the road to strong self-esteem be nudged by a conscious effort to shift to thoughts that bring greater happiness?”

It’s the key question discussed in Lynn’s article.

Can happiness lead to confidence?

Feels like chicken or the egg...

I think the question is misleading... 

Here’s why: 

1- it implies that permanent happiness is possible

2- and that permanent happiness is desirable

I’ll tell you straight up...

Permanent happiness is not possible! 

And if that was the only emotion you experienced... 

Your life would be extremely boring! 

The value of being happy would even disappear because you no longer have the “unhappy perspective.” 

Hinging your confidence on your emotions in general will not work.  

Instead, learn to be confident the right... 

Through self-knowledge! 

And use that knowledge to help you process and respond to all your emotions.

 ~ Derrick “because I’m happy... and unhappy” Bass 

Derrick Bass