Many Men

Many Men

Change ain't always pretty...

It ain't always predictable...

In fact, we may not even realize when it's happening.

Fortunately, I spend a lot of time in reflection...

And can easily say I've been at least 10 different people:

  1. Kid from the hood

  2. Video game enthusiast

  3. “Entertainment distributor”

  4. Corporate professional

  5. Vegan

  6. Super woke kemetic hotep brother

  7. Lonely goat on the mountaintop

  8. Harborer of the one and only truth

  9. YouTube scholar

  10. Career Coach

  11. Crypto trader

  12. Operative philosopher

  13. {Holding space for my future selves}

Each of these consuming thousands of hours of my life (I have a very intense mental focus/obsession).

Each of these creating some type of effect on the people around me.

So you know what I'm truly grateful for?

All the people who stayed with me through the numerous evolutions.

The people who I left and we're still there when I decided to just up and come back.

My wife, children, siblings, parents, grands, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, friends, friends, colleagues, friends...

All of you.

I'm grateful for you.

I thank you.

I love you.

~ Derrick “grateful” Bass


Thank you, seriously.

Derrick Bass