Ready For The World

🎵 Allow me to reintroduce myself…
My name is D
Don't forget the A B
A happy man with a wife and 3 babies
Been 4 years since I've used the word ma___
And this day seems 5 years in the making

Swear I would've been an artist in my alternate life...

But this is the one I chose to live for now.

Time to come out the closet...

Out the hole...

Off the mountaintop...

Time to rejoin the world.

That's literally what it felt like during the entire photo shoot.

Felt good.

Felt right.

I've been doing all this work internally...

I completed neglected the external.

It's like only working on your arms at the gym...

The balance is crucial.

I'm getting my much needed adjustment...

My recalibration...

My rebrand.

I'm here.

And I actually want you to see me. 😁


~ Derrick "hello world" Bass


Bars 💪🏾

Derrick Bass