Improved Self-Confidence

Improved Self-Confidence

I wanted to share what one of my former clients, Sophie, said about the Career Catalyst program and confidence:

The truth is, I just was not being honest with myself about how lost I was. I thought I had a plan, but even if there were some elements of a plan there was no structure… it was just a general direction. The best thing that I got out of this experience would have to be my improved self-confidence. Defining what success means to me in different contexts, and then reflecting on when I’ve excelled helped me to see that strengths I thought had no value in the workplace can be applied to my career. I feel more confident about applying who I am more wholly to my work. Early on Derrick asked me what would make him the best coach for me, and he purposefully took steps to be that coach throughout the program.

— Sophie | San Francisco, CA | Nonprofit Guru

~Derrick “Confidant“ Bass

Derrick Bass