I am currently in career transition working towards a career change from banking/finance to podcasting and digital marketing. Before connecting with Derrick I was in a bad place... I was tired and angry and unemployed! Because I knew who he was and knew because we both used to work at the same company, I felt he would understand where I was coming from. The experience of working with Derrick helped me to drill down and find out what was most valuable to me as a person. Additionally I got to go through the different areas of my life and decide what I really wanted for myself in those areas. When I suffered a very devastating loss of a friend, Derrick allowed me the space to talk about it and actually experience a breakthrough within my grief. The best thing I learned was to stop beating myself up when I didn’t reach my goals. If you are willing to put in the work, it will be more than worth your while due to what you will learn about yourself.

— Leslie | Hackensack, NJ | Career Transition

Derrick Bass