“I chose to work with Derrick honestly because he was right place, right time. After the first two calls I could tell he had the openness, creativity, and thoughtfulness I needed in a coach. This program came at a time when I was seeking clarity about my life, career, direction, etc. I knew I had to change roles and was incredibly overwhelmed with the task of not only finding a new role in a matter of months, but also doing work that was meaningful; that I enjoyed; and that was in line with my career and broader life aspirations. Having Derrick regularly reflect back to me what was in my head and helping me to align beliefs and attitudes was a really critical aspect. At one point, a major shift for me was when I realized that I had certain beliefs about what was important, but was not making decisions according to those beliefs. On every call Derrick would help reinforce my true essence and hold me to that standard, which really helped me to elicit a number of key breakthroughs: (1) many of the answers I was seeking lay within; (2) the importance of not only being clear about my choices, but also confident; (3) the most transformative experiences in my life were about a process, not a destination. The best thing I learned from working with Derrick was that career success is really life success. It’s fine to “focus” on career, but until you understand that everything is connected and begin to look at your life more holistically, you will never have real clarity and confidence to take on your biggest goals and tackle your biggest challenges. His coaching is only for someone who is really serious about going deeper and challenging themselves to achieve big breakthroughs in career and life. Don’t take this on unless you’re willing and ready to get to the next level.”

— Phela | New Brunswick, NY | Consultant - Change & Conflict Management

Derrick Bass