“Although I was hesitant at first just towards coaching in general, I decided to take the leap. I was sort of in a transition period: feeling dissatisfied with work, unfulfilled, and not very confident because I didn’t have a set plan on what to do next. Derrick’s approach just felt right because it wasn’t a check the box, be grammatically correct, one size fits all approach. He also came highly recommended from a friend! Some of my biggest breakthroughs were improving the relationship I had with myself, being more intentional and aware of the work I choose to do, and finding more reasons to celebrate. It’s clear now that my confidence comes from knowing myself: the good, the ugly, the beautiful, etc. and still owning all of it, and using that awareness to work and live more purposefully. I’m still blown away that our coaching was all virtual because I never thought I could be so connected to someone I never physically met! I will always remember this coaching journey as one of those things I really needed but didn’t know just how much. He was my BS-caller, biggest cheerleader, fluff-cutter, and just-here-to-listen coach, all in one... hire him!”

— Naomi | South Korea | Education

Derrick Bass