“I made the decision to leave my employer and go into business for myself, and I was admittedly nervous and afraid of failing. I remembered meeting Derrick and felt that I could benefit from his experiences and advice to help me navigate my own entrepreneurial journey. We’d both come from humbler beginnings to obtain a certain level of success in our respective career pursuits, yet we were unhappy and unfulfilled. I decided that he was a man that I could learn from and Derrick has been a teacher, a coach and a mentor for me since. Working with him is one of the best decisions I made for my business and my life. I have: (1) grown my business to four times what I originally set out to accomplish; (2) lost 30 pounds and look and feel so much better about myself; (3) learned more about myself and even my marriage; (4) been able to assess my dreams and set goals with specific targets to obtain them. Derrick taught me to change my perception, and in turn, my reality. With his help, I was able to peel away some of that self-inflicted noise and doubt that was unconsciously holding me back from obtaining my goals and being happy with myself. If you are looking to make that next push toward greater things in your business, career or even yourself, look no further than Derrick Bass and Clarity Provoked.”

— Sean | Bronx, NY | Healthcare Entrepreneur

Derrick Bass