Beginning Again

Beginning Again

Welcome to my new blog!

Each day, I will be sharing inspirational stories and news that will provide clarity for your career.

Whether you’re an investment banker or graphic artist, public school teacher or marketing director…

Your career has the power to empower you…or not.

Part of my journey is boosting my brand by redefining my look.

The exterior may change – my clothes, my Instagram feed, my website…

But my intention remains the same: career success that actually feels good.

I’m your career coach. And I welcome you to my journey.

So to start, the top 5 things that I – married man with 3 kids – learned while working with Sureme Laster Bey, a member of the FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) staff and a professional stylist.

Each day I’ll count down… Here at #5:

Embrace your faults

We’re not meant to be good at everything.

For example: I can paint a picture with words, but I couldn’t for the life of me paint a picture with paint.

I’m not good with “visual art,” and it showed when it came to my personal style/wardrobe.

I’ve always embraced that fact, so when help finally arrived I was ready for it.

I knew my shortcomings in this part of my life, and I fully owned them… I never hid behind it.

Hiding behind weaknesses is the best, most efficient way to feed your imposter syndrome.

Some food for thought:

  • In what way are you still hiding at work?

  • What could you do today to embrace those faults and insecurities so the real you can show up?

Use the orange chat box to the right and let me know what you come up with.

~ Derrick

P.S. See ya tmrw with #4!

Derrick Bass