All Alone On An Island

All Alone On An Island

I developed a flagship, soul-saving, career-catapulting program to help get your career on track.  

I landed the approach…

Now I’m getting some help with the style. 

Here are the top 5 things I learned during my wardrobe consultation with Stylist Sureme Laster Bey.  

I’ll be counting down over the next few days, lol.

#5 was all about embracing your fault.

And in at #4:

Respect the trend!

I used to pride myself on my ability to go against the grain… against the crowd.

At some point, my stubbornness or recalcitrance turned against me and before I knew it…

Me and my ideals were on an island all alone while the rest of the world was somewhere else.

I got a good lesson in the value of respecting the trend.

I realized that things are just much easier when you understand how everything around you is moving.

Let me say it another way…

When you’re aware of the bigger picture and how it’s unfolding, it’s a lot easier to make good decisions in the short term.

Me fighting against the masses ended up being me boxing/caging myself in.

Be conscious of that thin line by regularly asking yourself questions like:

How are you trending right now?

What trajectory are you on?

Is there a simpler way to get where you’re going? 

~ Derrick

P.S. #3 - #1  coming soon

Derrick Bass