Trapped By Your Gifts

Trapped By Your Gifts

My passion – my purpose right now – is to help people identify career success that actually feels good.  

And I must admit, upgrading my look DEFINITELY has me feeling good.

So much so, I’m counting down the top 5 things I learned while wardrobe shopping with stylist extraordinaire, Sureme.

Lets recap real quick. 

#5 was about embracing your faults.

#4 was the value of respecting the trend.

Next up on the top 5 is #3:

Be a creative scientist!

First, the scientist.

What I mean is…

Don’t just be naturally good.

Study yourself and your gifts so you can be great.

Learn the science behind your skills and develop a whole new level of mastery.

And when you’re moving toward that level of confidence…

Be creative and take chances.

You must have fun with your gifts so you don’t become trapped by them.

Set big goals…

Put yourself in uncomfortable situations that require you to use those gifts…

And then study yourself.

Be technical about your goal… not emotional!

What did/didn’t you do? Specifically.

What can you adjust next time?

When will you try again?

Feel me?

See you at the top!

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~ Derrick

P.S. #2 - #1  coming soon!

Derrick Bass