Reclaiming Your Superpower

Reclaiming Your Long-Lost Superpower

OK, now on to the top two.

The list so far:

#5 was embrace your faults.

#4 was respect the trend.

#3… be a creative scientist.

In at #2 for the top 5 things I learned from my styling/wardrobe consultation:

The Power of Positivity!

I’ll tell you why this is my #2…

Because I’m typing this post about 2 weeks after the styling session…

And I can still feel the energy from all the positivity, specifically the positive feedback.

This might be one of our long-lost superpowers… positivity.

Being on the receiving end of positive messages all day long felt absolutely incredible.

I felt like I could take over the world.

Funny thing is, I’m not really a fan of motivation.

I don’t even like when people look to me for motivation... motivate yourself!

But that’s the point.


If you feed yourself and your soul with good thoughts, words, and vibes for 7 hours straight…

I guarantee you will feel incredible.

And once you’re high on life…

Challenge yourself to spread the love by acknowledging at least one thing in everyone you see for the rest of the day.


P.S. #1 coming manana!

Derrick Bass