There’s Strength In Surrendering

There’s Strength In Surrendering

So here’s the #1 thing I learned while wardrobe shopping with FIT Master Sureme Laster Bey.  

I hope these tips helped you as much as they helped me.

Styling on the outside is nice – but the inside is even better.  

It’s about styling WITH CLARITY.

Hit me up and let’s talk about it.

The list so far:

5: Embrace your faults.
4: Respect the trend.
3: Be a creative scientist.
2: The power of positivity.

And the #1 thing I learned was simply to:

Ask for help!

I’ll say it again…

Ask for help!

No matter what you’re journeying or struggling through…

Especially in your career…

Find someone and some way to ask for help.

Surrendering to the fact you don’t know it all…

Surrendering to the fact you can’t do it all by yourself…

That in itself is such a transformative experience.

It felt so reassuring to have help in an area where I lacked confidence.

With help, you likely cut the effort and time required in half.

With help, your chances of getting it done right drastically increase.

And what do those two things help you avoid?

Pyrrhic victories!

Anything won at too great a cost can’t be worthwhile for the victor…

Like losing your entire army just to win the war…

Or losing your soul and sanity to achieve whatever you call success…

It. Is. Not. Worth. It.

Ask for help early on, especially when you feel you don’t need it.


P.S. What did you learn from these top 5?

Send me a text in the chat box and tell me about it.

Derrick Bass