The Biggest Obstacle

The Biggest Obstacle

I surveyed 121 people.

No, seriously…

I spoke to 121 people last year and asked them all this question:

What’s the biggest obstacle in your way right now?

Can you guess the most popular answer?

“Survey says…”


Something external or outside of that person!


But after a lil provoking…

The great majority of them ended up at the same place…

Lack of confidence.

Their lack of confidence being their biggest obstacle.

I could share what that means for them…


I just want you to ask yourself one question:

At what point in your life did you lose confidence?

See if you can pinpoint that “transition”…

Then come back and tell me about it.

~Derrick “patiently waiting” Bass


Do it.

You’ll love where it leads.

Derrick Bass