Confidence in love

Confidence In Love

How you do one thing is often indicative of how you do everything.

A typical career hurdle could be asking your managers for various things you want (salary, responsibility, opportunity, change, etc)…

And future convos with a different person might reveal a hesitation to ask for what you want in your love life…


Absolutely not.

No matter where you go you bring you with you…

So I’m never surprised when work struggles overlap with love struggles.

How do you confidently ask for what you want out of a relationship?

What does confidence even mean in that context?

Good questions.

Here’s what I suggest:

Get outta your head.

Don’t think about it.

I want you to get better at leaping and landing on your feet.

Some part of you is very clear that it wants to start a convo about what it wants.

Just jump in and see what happens.

Of course, this becomes easier the more you know yourself.

But even if it’s hard, just do it.


Build confidence by being extremely aware of yourself in those moments so you can go back to the lab and study yourself.

Why did I feel that way?

What made that thought go through my mind?

How do I want to feel next time?

What could I do to make that happen?

Being confident in your ability to trust your heart/gut/intuition and what it’s feeling is a beautiful way to come alive!

Isn’t that the goal of love anyway?

~ Derrick “😍” Bass


My heart is telling me to go to sleep…

So shall it be.

Derrick Bass