Celebrity Lifestyle

Celebrity Lifestyle

So how exactly does one pose?
Do you do a full smile?
Half smile?
Tilt your head?
I mean like… am I supposed to look at the camera?
Is that illegal?
How come some people are so photogenic?
Why does my face get swallowed up each time I smile?
Isn’t it a lil extra to have this guy following me taking pics?

Quick sample of alll the questions running through my head during “Wardrobe Day.”

That’s when me, my stylist, and my BTS (behind-the-scenes) photographer…

Toured the street of Manhattan and Harlem.

People asking my photographer… “who is that?” or “is he famous?”

I felt like a frikkin celebrity…

I am a frikkin celebrity!

I saw myself studying the stylist’s decisions…

Trying my hardest to learn the science of swag so I could do it on my own.

I really enjoyed the experience!

And I’m all about pictures now…

Everywhere I go I’m snapping a selfie or grabbing a pic with anyone who’s willing.

The barber, the friends, the fam…

Doing my best to capture moments now after spending all my time just living in them.

Having a blast!

Selfie when I see you?

Cool 👍🏾

~ Derrick “no stylist” Bass


It’s been 2 weeks since I went shopping…

The clothes are still in their bags…

Guess some part of me hasn’t accepted the new look just yet.

Wish me luck!

Derrick Bass