2 (Easy) Ways to Show Gratitude

2 (easy) Ways to Show Gratitude

I don't like lazy gratitude…

Saying thank you...

Sending generic thank you cards...


And all the other typical things we do.

Here are two quick ways to turn up the sincerity, authenticity, and creativity in your gratitude:

1- Gratitude to friends and loved ones

  • Write a handwritten letter where you write some words with your hands

  • In the letter, express up to 3 specific qualities about them you are grateful for and moments where you experienced those qualities

  • Call them to verbally express what you’ve hand written in the letter written by your hand (don’t actually read it)

  • Mail the letter to them

  • Done

2- Gratitude to yourself

  • Look in the mirror each morning for 4 minutes and 44 seconds (deep into your eyes… don't waiver… don't flinch)

  • Scan and stop at every part of your body and express thanks for it. (“thank you forehead for always shining when I need you to; thank you mouth for helping me express whatever is on the inside; thank you heart for always doing your job and never taking a minute off; etc)

  • Start your morning like this for 4 days (guarantee you’ll want to continue doing it… if not, free coaching on me for a year!)

  • Done

~ Derrick “which will you do?” Bass


Thank you for slowing down and taking the time to connect with me by reading this

Derrick Bass