A Child's Gift

The Gift

An unimaginable source of inspiration:

  • After the first, we made huge financial investments…

  • After the second, I went vegan and also started Clarity Provoked…

  • After the 3rd one… can’t talk about that yet.

Masters of the art of pressuring without pressure... a loving push:

  • You just know they’re watching

  • You just know they’re waiting

  • It’s like someone took all the different parts and pulled them outside of you for you to stare at and face and learn to love and embrace for the rest of your life

Real life carriers of Benjamin button disease:

  • They literally keep me young…

  • In my actions from having to chase them all around and keep up and win (can’t let them beat me... negative... not happening)

  • In my thoughts from constantly being surrounded by a child’s perspective… Seeing things through they’re point of view

  • In my emotions by constantly showing me what it means to feel your feelings... to actually express them and then move on

Yeah I’m truly grateful to and for my children.

Our version of a “nighttime prayer” is to just share 3 things from today we are grateful…

I love the range of stuff they come up with.

Really beautiful.

~ Derrick “teary-eyed” Bass


Grateful they love me even through all my faults…

Especially the faults I express towards them.

Derrick Bass