The Greatest of These Is Love

...The Greatest of These Is Love

Even my hesitation to begin writing this…

To me, is indicative of how much I value and appreciate this woman…

I want every single word to be perfect!

Knowing that’s not possible, I shall do my best.

I know whenever emotions get involved…

It’s easy to lose one’s articulate nature.

Derrick the wordsmith can quickly become Derrick the blabbering fool!

And as I sit here scanning alllllll the ways in which she has supported me in the 15+ years we’ve been together…

I can feel the greatest emotion of all beginning to flood my brain cells.


Asdkfljh askdhjf askjfha jahskljfhaskdjhf…

Asdfhkh akljsh akljf akjhfa aj lajhf alkjhf asjfh!

Sorry… I’m back.

Point is, I actually don’t want to talk/type.

Whenever love and gratitude team up…

It actually becomes hard to use words.

I’d even say I don’t need them.

I just want to feel!

I can feel what she has done to me, with me, for me, etc…

This feeling is heaven.

Nuff said.

Going to go feel now… and cry a lil more.

Thank you for giving me tears of joy, Shekhinah.

~ Derrick ” ” Bass


Derrick Bass