Winning with EQ

Winning with EQ

Trying to succeed at work without becoming "emotional" can be a very tricky thing.

People often wrestle with their feelings for years--and the problems they cause--without making any real progress in the overall quality of their career. For example, if in order for you to succeed you have to feel like tihs (<-- read it backwards) every day for 10 or 20 years, can you really call that success? In the words of one my earliest mentors, that sounds more like a pyrrhic victory to me...

Turns out that if you really want to move ahead in your career, the #1 most important skill you need to master is controlling your emotions. The good news is that it's a skill... you can absolutely learn how to do this and I'm going to help you in this new free training.

Yes! I need this in my career... save me a seat!

I will teach you the 3 biggest mistakes really hurting middle managers (and others) when it comes to EQ, and I'll show you how to clearly and confidently use your emotions to succeed at work. Here are 2 of the things I think are really interesting that you'll learn about:

  • The language of emotions and what they are really telling you

  • One simple technique to cultivate feelings of power every single day

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This isn't one of those "agitate your problem and sell you a solution" type of webinars... I can't stand those. You and I are going to deep dive into this topic and I will share practical solutions so you can fully and finally control your emotions.

Show up, take control, and see what success really feels like!