Change in your career is often confused with changing your career. My clients fully understand that no matter where you go, you're going with you. Which means, there is no escaping the real work we must do to truly grow.

Join me in celebrating the clarity and confidence they found within, and their ability to continuously act despite their fears as they move toward their professional purpose.

Feel their words

At work I focus on building and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. And although I was proud of my accomplishments, I felt like I was going through the motions in my career; just checking the boxes. I knew I wasn’t going after certain opportunities because of fear and doubts about whether I could do well outside of what I already knew. Derrick and I had really good chemistry and I found his energy and enthusiasm to be particularly motivating. He helped me be intentional about how I wanted to drive my career. I had candid conversations with my managers, began raising my hand more, went on interviews, had salary discussions, improved my resume… I even got a job in [email protected]#$%ing Asia and I’m continuing to live my best life! I put in the work for those things, but none of this would have manifested in this way had I not started my journey with Derrick. If you’re ready to commit to doing the work, then he’s all him!
— Sharon | Jersey City, NJ | HR - Diversity & Inclusion
Simply put, Derrick gave me a roadmap to myself. I was able to tap into who I am at my core and get to the exact career that I wanted by following the core values and beliefs that I learned to define!
— Jennifer | New York, NY | Retail Management
Although I was hesitant at first just towards coaching in general, I decided to take the leap. I was sort of in a transition period: feeling dissatisfied with work, unfulfilled, and not very confident because I didn’t have a set plan on what to do next. Derrick’s approach just felt right because it wasn’t a check the box, be grammatically correct, one size fits all approach. He also came highly recommended from a friend! Some of my biggest breakthroughs were improving the relationship I had with myself, being more intentional and aware of the work I choose to do, and finding more reasons to celebrate. It’s clear now that my confidence comes from knowing myself: the good, the ugly, the beautiful, etc. and still owning all of it, and using that awareness to work and live more purposefully. I’m still blown away that our coaching was all virtual because I never thought I could be so connected to someone I never physically met! I will always remember this coaching journey as one of those things I really needed but didn’t know just how much. He was my BS-caller, biggest cheerleader, fluff-cutter, and just-here-to-listen coach, all in one... hire him!
— Naomi | South Korea | Education
I made the decision to leave my employer and go into business for myself, and I was admittedly nervous and afraid of failing. I remembered meeting Derrick and felt that I could benefit from his experiences and advice to help me navigate my own entrepreneurial journey. We’d both come from humbler beginnings to obtain a certain level of success in our respective career pursuits, yet we were unhappy and unfulfilled. I decided that he was a man that I could learn from and Derrick has been a teacher, a coach and a mentor for me since. Working with him is one of the best decisions I made for my business and my life. I have: (1) grown my business to four times what I originally set out to accomplish; (2) lost 30 pounds and look and feel so much better about myself; (3) learned more about myself and even my marriage; (4) been able to assess my dreams and set goals with specific targets to obtain them. Derrick taught me to change my perception, and in turn, my reality. With his help, I was able to peel away some of that self-inflicted noise and doubt that was unconsciously holding me back from obtaining my goals and being happy with myself. If you are looking to make that next push toward greater things in your business, career or even yourself, look no further than Derrick Bass and Clarity Provoked.
— Sean | Bronx, NY | Entrepreneur
I had been absolutely miserable in my career and I didn’t see any clear path to improvement. I felt Derrick was someone who could relate to my experiences/company/business and provide more productive feedback. My biggest breakthrough was probably realizing that I need ME time in order to really focus and hone into my talents… and that my current role does not have to be my final destination. The best was learning to be really honest with myself on what core values are important to me and how to live my life staying true to them. If you want to learn the true core of who you are/what you are capable of truly doing to experience true happiness, then Derrick is your guy!!!
— Tonyal | Baldwin, NY | Financial Operations
The truth is, I just was not being honest with myself about how lost I was. I thought I had a plan, but even if there were some elements of a plan there was no structure… it was just a general direction. From our first conversations, Derrick carried himself with integrity, honesty and a sense of humor that is rare. I felt supported and that I could trust him from the get-go. I believe that Derrick has many callings, and I can’t tell you what all of them are, but I can tell you that it’s easy to see that coaching is one of the things he is meant to do. You celebrate together and deal with the struggles together. Through it all, he has a structure and a system and a great attitude that keeps you moving forward. I truly enjoyed our conversations every time. His ability to distill my ideas and thoughts into concrete and coherent messages and themes - without presuming to speak for me or tell me what I’m trying to say - is truly a gift. The best thing that I got out of this experience would have to be my improved self-confidence. Defining what success means to me in different contexts, and then reflecting on when I’ve excelled helped me to see that strengths I thought had no value in the workplace can be applied to my career. I feel more confident about applying who I am more wholly to my work. Early on Derrick asked me what would make him the best coach for me, and he purposefully took steps to be that coach throughout the program.
— Sophie | San Francisco, CA | Nonprofit Mastermind
I am a Dean at an elementary school, helping to develop social and academic skills in our youngest scholars from ages 3 to 10. Before my work with Derrick, I was unsure if my future goals were aligned to my strengths and unsure of how to take the steps necessary to reach those goals. I was inundated with ideas but lacked focus and logistical steps to make it happen. I know Derrick personally and his passion for his work is incredibly evident. He values each interaction and takes a lot of pride in his coaching. Our first Discovery call was a conversation that I will never forget- as it pushed me to think greater and pushed further than I had before. Some of my biggest breakthroughs include a much clearer, more defined purpose for my life and career, which are intertwined. I was able to take on a new opportunity that will assist a future career transition/new business development. I developed goals that have positively impacted my personal and work relationships. Our VIP day was unbelievable from start to finish. I honestly did not want to stop working after seven hours of being in the zone. It changed me in ways that I cannot put into words. If you are ready to put in the work, you will certainly see the fruits of your commitment to yourself and your growth.
— Marielys | Washington, DC | Academic Development
Feeling extremely complacent is what made me start working with Derrick. I honestly did not know what would be the next step in my career life. I felt like my position at work was great but there was no growth left for me afterwards. It was bringing my motivation for going to work down and even affecting me at home. I felt Derrick connected with me on not only a professional level but a personal one as well. He took the time to understand me as a person to find out what pushed me and what scared me in life. He didn’t ask about my resume or try and tell me where to go or what to do. He walks you towards your own self-discovery to help you not only find a career path that will make you happy but also a better person overall. I think that one of my most memorable moments with Derrick was within the first few weeks discussing values and helping me explain why I think that way and some of my behaviors that I do instinctively that I did not even realize. I learned that I should not doubt myself and my abilities. I learned that my reach is limitless and I can do anything that I want. I am talented, intelligent, and young. I will always look back and see what I have accomplished and know that I can do anything. If you’re considering hiring Derrick as a coach it will be one of the best decisions you ever made to push yourself to the next level.
— Aaron | Jersey City, NJ | Project Management
I’ve been an accountant for over 10 years and I reached a point in my career where I was feeling stuck. Derrick’s vulnerability during his presentation really resonated with me… allowing himself to be seen that way was huge for me and made me feel he would be a good coach for me. In the time we had together I was able to actually link values, strengths and aspects of my personality together. This experience really helped with my self-awareness. I loved being encouraged to take imperfect action because I used to always wait until all my “ducks were lined up in a row.” Simply put, hire him! A coaching experience with Derrick is absolutely priceless.
— Nia | Union, NJ | Accounting
I am currently in career transition working towards a career change from banking/finance to podcasting and digital marketing. Before connecting with Derrick I was in a bad place... I was tired and angry and unemployed! Because I knew who he was and knew because we both used to work at the same company, I felt he would understand where I was coming from. The experience of working with Derrick helped me to drill down and find out what was most valuable to me as a person. Additionally I got to go through the different areas of my life and decide what I really wanted for myself in those areas. When I suffered a very devastating loss of a friend, Derrick allowed me the space to talk about it and actually experience a breakthrough within my grief. The best thing I learned was to stop beating myself up when I didn’t reach my goals. If you are willing to put in the work, it will be more than worth your while due to what you will learn about yourself.
— Leslie | Hackensack, NJ | Career Transition
I chose to work with Derrick honestly because he was right place, right time. After the first two calls I could tell he had the openness, creativity, and thoughtfulness I needed in a coach. This program came at a time when I was seeking clarity about my life, career, direction, etc. I knew I had to change roles and was incredibly overwhelmed with the task of not only finding a new role in a matter of months, but also doing work that was meaningful; that I enjoyed; and that was in line with my career and broader life aspirations. Having Derrick regularly reflect back to me what was in my head and helping me to align beliefs and attitudes was a really critical aspect. At one point, a major shift for me was when I realized that I had certain beliefs about what was important, but was not making decisions according to those beliefs. On every call Derrick would help reinforce my true essence and hold me to that standard, which really helped me to elicit a number of key breakthroughs: (1) many of the answers I was seeking lay within; (2) the importance of not only being clear about my choices, but also confident; (3) the most transformative experiences in my life were about a process, not a destination. The best thing I learned from working with Derrick was that career success is really life success. It’s fine to “focus” on career, but until you understand that everything is connected and begin to look at your life more holistically, you will never have real clarity and confidence to take on your biggest goals and tackle your biggest challenges. His coaching is only for someone who is really serious about going deeper and challenging themselves to achieve big breakthroughs in career and life. Don’t take this on unless you’re willing and ready to get to the next level.
— Phela | New Brunswick, NY | Consultant - Change & Conflict Management
I’m an instructional coach in low-income schools. Through providing teachers with feedback and professional development, I restore their confidence and passion for teaching. I was feeling stagnant, aimless, and frustrated in my career and I didn’t even know I needed a coach until speaking with Derrick. Every time I got to share progress on something we talked about it was magnificent. I felt like a little kid running to show dad the latest masterpiece that deserves refrigerator status... each celebration led to more progress. My biggest takeaway is knowing I am great, I am ready, and that I am uniquely poised to do all the things I want to do. I just have to leap. FYI - Only call him if you’re ready to change your life, not a moment before.
— Travonnie | Lawrenceville, GA | CEO, What Schools Need
Before working with Derrick, I was frustrated in my career and unable to find my voice and actually use it. I was unsure if I was on the right path. I felt Derrick would understand the intricacies of the organization I’m a part of so I wouldn’t have to explain the normal “rules of the road.” He’s also very thoughtful and can be provocative (not afraid to call you out on behavior that is your normal coping mechanism). With his help, I found the ability to be unapologetically bold. This helped me force conversations with my manager that were enlightening and helped stave off a lot of anxiety and frustration I had been holding onto. It was great having someone believe in you when going through a major change in responsibilities. Derrick served as a constant reminder of all that I can do versus listening to the nagging voice in my head which tells me all the reasons I can’t do something. It helped to say “yes” to work/assignments in the moment and then have Derrick help me from running out the door when I really had to perform. The best thing is knowing that my accomplishments to date have not been by accident and that my future potential is unlimited. If you need to start giving yourself some of what you give to others/the world around you, you have found the ultimate advocate, mentor and coach to do it with.
— Anna | Jersey City, NJ | HR - Talent Management
I was in a space that I knew was the wrong fit, while I had ideas on what I wanted to do next I did not have a plan to take the steps to change my current situation. I chose to work with Derrick after the discovery session because the conversation challenged my perspective and forced me to evaluate the cost of inaction. In our time together, I was able to: identify roadblocks, quickly shift perspective and develop system to help accomplish goals. I think the best thing was defining and giving meaning to activities that are important and that were once overlooked, and also clarifying my values which help to motivate me and establish boundaries.
— Nadia | Brooklyn, NY | Workforce Development Counselor
I started working with Derrick because I was seeing my recent step down as a step back. I was afraid that I was no longer on the right path to my goals. I’m now more confident in my decisions and it shows. Derrick really listened to what I had to say and forced me to really listen to myself as well. I was able to put the pieces of my self-reflecting mirror together and I no longer see myself fragmented. I am the sum of all my pieces and I’m pretty damn fly. If you’re looking to clarify your path to your purpose, Derrick will help you do that by helping you to hear yourself, to embrace your confidence, and to change your attitude and energy.
— Nakia | Brooklyn, NY
My biggest fear was spending money on a program and being the same... it didn’t come true. I would highly recommend Derrick and should have listened to him when he said we needed more time together. He is very patient and understood my setbacks. Derrick gives you small doses to think about and homework... I like those because it gives me time to reflect on what we talked about.
— Sheri | Brooklyn, NY
I was at an important transition point in my career and wanted to ensure that I was prepared to succeed. Working with Derrick helped me to focus my efforts in a way that built on my personal/professional strengths. He brought great energy and intentionality to a process that can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. Our coaching sessions gave me a greater awareness of and appreciation for the qualities I bring to the table. I also walked away with helpful tactics for dealing with change and transition that have now become habits.
— Irma | Brooklyn, NY
Extremely happy with my experience! I felt I was in a fog and couldn’t see the way out of my mundane routine. I was immediately able to maximize my potential in my current position, taking on more responsibility with greater financial reward. I now know what I require from a career and am actively working to transition into a more fulfilling role. The same principles that brought me clarity in my quest to transform my career also helped me to successfully navigate all of the personal obstacles I was facing.
— Christine | Atlanta, GA